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My Favorite Genre of Porn is Watching Straight Dudes Jacking Off

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

For some reason, watching straight dudes jacking off in these solo sex scenes really gets me horny; more so than watching gay dudes jacking off. Maybe it’s because I was teased so much in school by straight guys that were such extreme homophobes that they sent me home crying every night, and I imagine that these same guys are so desperate for cash that they’re sending in videos of themselves masturbating just to make ends meet. I can just imagine how pissed off and embarrassed they would be if they knew I was stroking myself to their solo presentations!

Maybe it’s also due to the fact that straight guys are like the forbidden fruit that all of us gay guys might scoff at in public, but in private, we’ve all met at least one friendly straight guy that had us wishing he was at least a little bi-curious. For me, the thought of enticing a guy who generally identified himself as straight would be a huge ego boost, and I’m sure that my oral skills would make him feel like guys were the way to go- heck, there’s no way a woman can compete with a guy for giving head: we know what feels good because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

Though it’s a bit of a long shot to believe I could ever seduce a straight guy, mainly because I’m generally shy and tend to be the one who’s approached by my sexual partners rather than the other way around. But watching videos of straight dudes jacking off makes me feel like it’s the next best thing. I wonder if this is the same for straight guys that watch lesbian videos as they know they have no chance with those chicks either, but seem to love the fantasy of being included in the act, even if just as a sex prop?



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