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I Wish There was More Gay Porn with Guy on Guy

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

It’s almost an insult to the gay community that so many of gay porn films seem to ignore the more sensitive nature of guy on guy porn scenes that more accurately reflect how homosexuals engage in sexual activity. I wonder sometimes if these gay porn films that tend to generalize the gay sexual community as entirely polygamous, with gang-bangs, group sex, and all out orgies claiming the majority of screen time in feature length gay adult releases. I don’t think it’s a positive message to the gay community that this is the standard and expected behavior of all gays, and it certainly reinforces negative stereotypes within the straight community about the lasciviousness of homosexuals in general.

I, for one, and strictly monogamous with my partner, and we only practice SAFE guy on guy, meaning one-on-one, sex with each other and have done so for over 10 years. In every real and meaningful way, our relationship is the same as any straight couples relationship, including the fact that we have raised a 5 year old boy together, who is apparently straight himself and very happy with his progress in life (to the extent that we can tell). As we remain a part of the effort to legalize marriage for homosexuals in our state, it often occurs to us that the gay porn industry does not help our efforts very much, especially with its portrayal of sexually irresponsible sex acts, such as having a gangbang involving 5 guys; none of whom are wearing any condoms.

Guy on guy porn might still be a tawdry subject for most, and I don’t expect the industry to completely ignore the genres which are demanded by the gay community, but when you consider that many gay youth are heavily influenced by what they read about and see on the Internet, there is also a case around social responsibility to be made for having gay porn that more accurately reflects the caring and meaningful relationships that many in the gay community strive for, and even fight for the rights to have these bonds recognized by the law.



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