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Young Boi’s Will Always Be at the Top of My Hot Gay List

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

When it comes to defining my hot gay list for the different types of gay stereotypes out there, fresh twinks will always be my partners of choice. It’s not that I’m the gay version of a pedophile, but I do appreciate their slender physique, and with my slightly overweight and extremely hairy body, I don’t like having to fight for space in the bed. That’s why I think the hot gays are the ones with small statures, lots of energy, and generally smaller cocks that fit nicely in my large hairy ass.

That’s right, I’m actually a bit of a bear that likes to be on the bottom, and prefer to get head from a little boi with a cute mouth and boyish charms and then turn over and let him go crazy on my ass: that’s at the very top of my hot gay list of sexual fantasies. Hot gay boys that are still getting used to their place and role in the gay social community also seem to appreciate my caring nature and confidence in showing them how to suck another man’s cock, and I’m quite able to give them all the encouragement they need to get rock hard and shove their little twink rods into my ass. Especially with young hot gays that are new to living out their gay sexual urges, I sometimes imagine that they are releasing a lifetime of pent up oppression on my seasoned ass, and feel like I’m giving them a channel for the release of this negative energy and it really turns me on. Maybe this is because my father didn’t accept my sexual orientation and lifestyle, and I can imagine these young twinks have had similar relationships with their dads, so it makes me feel like a real mentor for these newbies when I can show them and encourage them to find their own set of fantasies in order to define and then provide fantasies according their own hot gay list of fantasies.



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