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Big, Strong, and Furry: Why I Love ‘Muscle Bears’

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

When it comes getting taken from behind, nothing turns me on like big hairy muscle bears jamming their thick cocks up my ass. I don’t know what it is about, but the sweaty man muscles of a big muscle bear, with his hairy chest pressed against my backside while his deep groans express his intense satisfaction just makes me have an anal orgasm.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a little twink myself, but there’s something very protective in the domineering presence of a muscle bear looking after me. I guess there is part of me that sees them as fatherly and able to defend me from people that might attack me for my personal lifestyle choice. You see, like many gays, I come from a family that did not accept me for my sexual preference, and maybe I’m trying to make up for my biological father’s parental failures by aligning myself with these dominant yet nurturing muscle bears.

I also find that muscle bears themselves seem to find more than just sexual satisfaction in my tight buttocks and slender physique, as they too find fulfilling companionship in being looked up to and appreciated for their manly characteristics. You wouldn’t think it unless you were immersed in the culture, but given that most people associate the gay personality type with an effeminate nature, not all muscle bears feel accepted by the gay community for their seeming disregard for the gay community’s general stereotype. Maybe some gays are only attracted to men who express effeminate gestures and speech patterns, but for me, I’m all about a man with a thick beard, hairy chest, strong muscles, and even a tad on the plus side of things. That’s what turns me on, and I’m glad I seem to give them what they’re looking for as well.



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