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Straight Men Seduced and Then Juiced By Trannys Should Be Happy, Not Angry

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

It seems unfair to me that straight men seduced by transsexuals should get so upset when they discover that their sexual fantasy woman is really not a lady at all, but in fact a dude. After all, they can’t deny that they were attracted to whatever it was that caught their eye in the first place, whether it was male or female. Actually, straight men seduced by trannys seem to be explicitly prejudiced when it come to analyzing their reactions. I mean, they found this person attractive at one point, but they then seemed to switch their minds when it came to light that their amazing sexual connection was actually with a man. Some might try to play it off like they were drunk and taken advantage of, and in some rare cases they may have actually been doped or roofied- and might have a reason to be pissed, or even take legal action, but in most cases, these guys thought they were having the most incredible sexual experience of their lives up to the point where the clothes came off.

After all, it’s really just cultural conditioning that a large percentage of them reject their homosexual urges in the first place, and if they find a girl attractive because she has enhanced breasts, full lips, elegant hair, and a tight ass and leg package, then it stands to reason that they should find the same set of features attractive on anyone, even a guy. What’s even more paradoxical is that these guys don’t even appreciate what these trannys can really do for them; even if they gave them the best oral sex of their lives, they’d sooner get pissed off and threaten to beat the crap out of their tryst rather than say thanks and congratulate them on a job well done. If these sexually repressed closet homos had any sense about them, they’d enjoy the experience and stop active as if they were truly exclusively straight men seduced against their will and forced into sticking their cocks in a warm friendly place.



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